Saveer’s Hi- Tech Modern Greenhouse at...

Saveer’s Hi- Tech Modern Greenhouse at Reliance Organic Farm Definitely Inspires Next Generation Growers

Hi-Tech greenhouses can help agriculture businesses get the most out of crop growth, yield, and profitability in today’s world of efficient agriculture. Saveer’s high-tech greenhouse provides unparalleled benefits to farmers and investors of all types, from advanced control methods to a year-round production cycle. This facility includes Hi-Tech seedling preparation area, hanging gutter grow bag system, Dutch bucket system, NFT channels, soil based system for Exotic varieties Open field area for cultivation of conventional crops. We have 40 years of experience doing world class turnkey project in horticulture industry.

Currently we are providing all types of hydroponics system all over the India & outside India also. Hi-Tech greenhouse is a cutting-edge facility that was built from the ground up to maximise crop yields and improve business profitability. These amenities may include an advanced monitoring system, extra CO2 implementation, heating, ventilation, hydroponic growing, and other features. Various benefits of having a Hi Tech greenhouse can be added thanks to control and automation with which we help farmers to intensify production, increase yields with the help of environmental control, pests, weeds, and diseases can be avoided as much as possible, reduced use of fertilisers due to fertigation & hydroponics, possibility to grow crops all year round and produce out of season, can be grown in any type of soil due to hydroponics ultimately converges in hi higher quality products.