Climate Change Study Facilities

Climate Change Study Facilities



Long-term, continuous monitoring of ecological processes
Easy accessibility of data storage and backup
Helps in examining the effects on plant growth at elevated CO2
Helps in predicting future climate conditions

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What kind of a future are we looking at with elevated carbon dioxide levels and alarming climate change? What will society need in ten or twenty years’ time? Saveer has adopted the following measures to address such concerns.

Saveer has established free air carbon dioxide enrichment (FACE), free air temperature enrichment (FATE), and carbon-dioxide temperature gradient in prestigious research institutions to study the impact of rising atmospheric CO2 and temperature in agriculture systems in open field conditions and CTGC (CO2 temperature gradient chamber) in confined situations. Our environmental research facilities enable us to control temperature, CO2 enrichment, and conduct other manipulative experiments on intact ecosystems under natural environmental conditions. The database generated using these facilities is more realistic and helps in developing models to predict responses for future climatic conditions.