Plug Type Nursery Production

Plug Type Nursery Production



Seedlings are uniform in growth and development
Can produce up to lakh of seedlings
Eliminate the problem of difficult soils
Better survival and growth
Superior quality Seedling production
Reduced field management costs

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Saveer specializes in establishing V-Type Nursery seedling production facilities. The facility presents both automated and manual operation options. We not only design, manufacture and install the facilities but run the facilities on Turn-Key basis under AMC.  The facilities are used for mass production of seedlings /saplings of vegetables, fruits, flowers and tree species.

V-Type Nursery facility established by us in Raipur, Chhattisgarh is producing lakhs of vegetable seedlings per year. The centre enables the farmers of the state to get the vegetable seedlings of their choice throughout the year irrespective of the season and climatic conditions.

For the turnkey projects, farmers are supplied with quality seedlings of the known varieties to meet their current and future demands. The facility produces lakhs of plants. This project has inspired many other V- Type Nurseries to come into being in other parts of India.