Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence



Demonstration hub for crop production and technology transfer
Efficient use of water and fertigation through atomization
Reduce losses
Production of high-quality crop planting material
Good agricultural practices to ensure higher yield

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Saveer Centre of Excellence facility for fruits, vegetables & flowers has been designed & established to fulfil the specific objectives of the Government of India, which is to demonstrate latest horticulture technologies & advanced growing techniques at one place by bringing solutions & knowledge from global industry leaders. Centre of excellence is an integrated horticulture infrastructure project designed to display the effective technologies & tools from every segment of horticulture value chain to create awareness among growers, entrepreneurs, trainers & farmers for upskilling their knowledge with advanced growing techniques that are followed globally. This project consists of various structures & equipment that are needed to handle the complete crop life cycle, starting from seed germination chambers, followed by nursery plants production, hardening, cultivation greenhouses, irrigation & nutrient management, precision farming , harvesting ,IPM & post-harvest techniques to reduce the crop losses with various preservation management techniques. This facility also aims to provide encouragement to the farming society by sharing modern agricultural practices and latest horticulture technology with the farmers.