Containment/Transgenic Greenhouses

Containment/Transgenic Greenhouses



Produce crops varieties with desirable traits
Production of insects and disease resistance plants
Capable of expressing recombinant proteins
Enhanced nutrient composition and food quality

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The Containment/Transgenic Greenhouse allows us to conduct research on plant development and set the desired enclosed environment. The limit of bio-safety concern linked with the research being done defines the level of confinement. Transgenic greenhouses are specially constructed greenhouses that adhere to national and international standards and subscribe to the degree of confinement demanded by the customer. These greenhouses are planned and built to meet the local environmental conditions of the location, such as wind load, rain and snow load height, and user requirements. The primary goal of transgenic research is to limit the proliferation of experimental entities. This capacity also gives us with a distinct perspective on this system, which will provide resilience and flexibility. Transgenic green house plants can boost yield, herbicide resistance, abiotic stress tolerance, and pest and disease resistance. Our expert team can provide technical help in designing the facility and maintaining the facility to facilitate the research & meet the objectives.