Transmit nearly 100% of the light
Strong in nature
Increased insulation and ventilation
Consume less energy
50+ years of performance
Resistant to UV radiation
Air pollutant deterioration

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A glasshouse is simply a glass-covered container in which plants grow more swiftly. The atmosphere in these glasshouses is computer-controlled and maintained. It acts as an insulation and prevents the plants from damage.

The glasshouse enables the warm-season plants to be grown throughout the year and shield them from harsh weather conditions. Glass greenhouses transmit light almost completely and have a longer lifespan. You may choose between a single layered and triple layered paned glass to improve insulation and ventilation, allowing your greenhouse to use less energy while protecting your crops.

This glass greenhouse will last more than 50+ years. It is also non-combustible, resistant to UV radiation and air pollution, and if verified, it retains the initial radiation transmission when checked and cleaned regularly. In such a regulated atmosphere, we have a dedicated team of scientists, engineers, and agriculture/horticulture professionals that are always working on methods to improve plant production.