Plant Phenomics Facility

Plant Phenomics Facility



High throughput plant phenotyping
Genomic identification
Efficient screening of the large population
Pest and disease identification
Biotic & Abiotic stress identification

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Multiple phenotypic traits related to growth, yield, and adaptation to biotic or abiotic stress can be monitored and measured using plant phonemics, a non-destructive and quick method. Phenotyping techniques can reduce time from weeks to minutes or even seconds. Plant Phonemics Facility is equipped with a cutting-edge system that focuses on high-throughput analyses of the growth and function of a wide range of plant material. Android phones can be used to remotely control the growth conditions and parameters inside the cabinets. The facility makes it easier for researchers to conduct studies that will contribute to the creation of new plant varieties to address the growing global concerns regarding food security and climate change.