Aeroponics Cultivation

Aeroponics Cultivation



Can significantly increase income
Increases production by 6 times
Safe and conserved water
Produces virus-free, high-quality plantlets
Faster than any other conventional methods
Less labour required

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There are several seed production techniques that are currently used worldwide, such as tissue culture, hydroponics and aeroponics. Among these techniques, aeroponics is one of the most effective techniques because of its numerous advantages over the other techniques. The technology does not require soil and produces the root systems using air. Saveer designed aeroponics facility best suited for potato and other tuber crops. This system is gaining maximum popularity as plants grow up to 45% faster than in traditional in-soil farming methods and plants yield cleaner, safer, tastier, and more aromatic produce. Saveer Biotech Limited established a state of the art aeroponics facility for the production of potato in PepsiCo. thereby establishing itself as the first company in India to develop the Aeroponics method on a commercial scale.