Speed Breeding Facility

Speed Breeding Facility



Improved crop quality
Genetically improved crop variety
Tailored light spectrum system
Accelerated flowering and seed set
Enhancing crop yield
Improves the number of crop generations per year

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Speed breeding is an effective strategy for accelerating agricultural research and development. This facility is completely enclosed and has temperature and humidity control chambers that may expedite plant development for research purposes, including mutant and adult plant phenotyping. Seed breeding facilities are an emerging approach among plant breeders for rapidly developing new cultivars. The facility also has a unique PAR spectrum lighting system tailored to the needs of the end user. The speed breeding approach comprises of controlling and maintaining the most suitable environment for crop genotypes’ development.

It boosts crop production and quality, provides disease resistance and drought and frost tolerance, amongst other things. Speed breeding has proved critical in improving crop productivity to satisfy the growing need for food. It includes a completely automated temperature management system to maintain the optimal temperature. This facility increases the quality by enhancing nutrients, taste, and so on. The amount of time, space, and money involved in the selection and genetic progress of improved crop varieties is reduced via speed breeding. Speed breading improves the number of crop generations each year by increasing the pace of genetic gain and shortening the varietal breeding period from 12 to 6 years.