Roof Retractable Greenhouses

Roof Retractable Greenhouses



Higher yield, firmer, longer shelf life, and higher Brix.
Uniformly controlled humidity by adjusting the vents
Heat reduction with low power consumption
Flexibility and Versatile Outdoor Shade
Viable technology for organic cultivation
Friendly to bees and other natural pollinators.

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When the outdoor weather is suitable, open roof greenhouses provide a natural environment for plant growth; when it is too hot or cold, they provide an artificial environment. Saveer’s retractable open roof greenhouse increases the intensity of the light, which can aid in controlling growth habits, flowering, and crop timing. It also saves money on electricity because expensive fan cooling is no longer required.  Retractable roofs will aid in the growth of vigorous crops by assisting in the creation of an optimal indoor microclimate. There is no permeant film or screens, the plant has direct access to PAR (photosynthetically active radiation).