Conveyor Seedling Transport System

Conveyor Seedling Transport System



Adjustment of sowing quantity is convenient and reliable
Cost saving
Achieves one seed into one hole, whatever size of the seed
Good choice for increasing production

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Saveer’s automated conveyor seedling transport system’s main aim was to overcome the problem of workers in the agriculture field. The seeding machine is mainly used for planting seedlings such as tomatoes, watermelon, cucumber, pumpkin, onion, and pepper. Vegetable Nursery Sowing Machine can automatically fill the coco peat into the tray and accurately drops the seed into the middle of the tray. The seedling can grow quickly without any damage to roots. Most importantly, the machine has a high yield and is suitable for long-distance transportation. The seeding machine has a high positioning speed and great accuracy and is well-favoured by the customers.