Protected Cultivation

Protected Cultivation



Moderate Temperature and Humidity
Genetically better and disease-free transplants
Off-season Cultivation
Plant propagation is effective
Nursery Raising and Hardening of Plants
Healthy saplings can be raised

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Protected cultivation is a process of growing crops in a controlled setting. The natural environment is altered and controlled to suit optimal plant growth in a protected environment (greenhouse, glasshouse, or polyhouse), resulting in high-quality vegetable production. We offer commercial polyhouse for the controlled cultivation of vegetables; tomato, cucumber, capsicum etc. and flowers; rose, gerbera, carnation etc. We also built Net houses that protect plants from excess sunlight and provide just the required quantity of light to stimulate optimum plant growth. Crops in Net houses are also shielded from birds, insects and other damaging factors. Shaded nets are available in different shade percentage and range of colours like green, red, white & black. We also have Screen houses which are used for the production of virus free quality planting material. We also provide specially designed houses to protect crops from scorching heat and insects, pests especially vectors. Our screen houses provide ambient conditions for better development of the plant.