BSL Labs [1-4 Labs]

BSL Labs [1-4 Labs]



Prevent direct exposure to a pathogen
HEPA filters can control particles with a size of 0.3 microns (µm)
Stops entry of harmful gases by providing a sterile environment
Providing a safe working environment

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Saveer is an expert in setting up a variety of levels of biosafety laboratories to deal with the biosafety concerns associated with handling highly infectious disease agents, which are necessary for basic research.  From BSL1 to BSL4, we provide four levels of biological safety levels (BSL). The containment zone might merely consist of a chemical fume hood at the most fundamental level of bio containment. At higher levels, containment entails isolating an organism and requiring facilities to be outfitted with sealed rooms and sealed containers. Additionally, users of the facilities must adopt precautionary measures such as wearing positive pressure covers and following elaborate entry and exit decontamination procedures.