Commercial Hydroponic farm at Greater Noida...

Commercial Hydroponic farm at Greater Noida sets an example for Entrepreneurs looking for Greenhouse facility to grow quality & exotic vegetables production to cater premium consumers

Saveer turnkey project for commercial Hydroponics farm project in Greater Noida was completed in 2021. This facility primarily consists of a Dutch bucket system and NFT channels that are ideal for highly exotic varieties of tomato, cucumber, capsicum, and other leafy vegetables such as lettuce, arugula, endive, butter head, ice burg, and many others. Saveer Biotech undertakes these kinds of turnkey projects on hydroponics to cater entrepreneurs needs for a successful farming business.

We have a brilliant team of agronomists, and agriculture experts to share their knowledge and expertise with you in the areas of crop selection, growing mediums, and nutrition preparation. We commission hydroponics project setups of all sizes across India’s various climatic zones with our high-performing teams of Professional Engineers and Structure Specialists. Our in-house team of financial analysts and hydroponics consultants will assist you in evaluating all financial and technical indicators for the project site.