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Walk in Environmental Chamber

Saveer life series Walk-in Plant Growth Chambers are specifically designed for Research Work to maintain controlled growing conditions of Temperature, Light, and Humidity. The chamber’s dimensions make it possible for user to walk in the chamber and conduct the desired activities. We different standard models of Walk-in Plant Growth Chambers  as well as customized chambers. Chambers are supplied with pre-fabricated single or double door as per the requirement.

Plant Growth Research Major Fields  - Agronomy, Plant Breeding, Biotechnology, Nutrition, Pathology, Entomology, Virology, etc. Tissue and cell culture research, Containment and Isolation, Stress studies, Insect /disease life cycle, Seed storage and Germination and more.


  • The chambers are connected to the central control system
  • Security: Multi-level password protection.
  • Light: can be pre-set on the cycle control system, Light intensity 1100 micromole m-2.
  • Temperature: temperature range  provide +4 to 50°C ± 0.5°C light off, +10 to 50 °C ± 0.5°C lights on period.
  • Humidity: Achievable Humidity range up to 90% on light off, 80% on light on ±3.
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