Vertical Gardening
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Vertical Gardening

Saveer Biotech has gained fame in offering Vertical Garden Development Services to our clients. For the offering of vertical gardening services, our professionals employ only high-grade quality of raw materials and use latest production and designing tools. Saveer Biotech services are designed keeping in mind aspirations of our valuable patrons.

A vertical garden is also referred to as a green wall or living wall. Living walls are self-sufficient, vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior or interior walls of a building. They differ from green façades in that, the plants are rooted in a structural support, which is fixed to the wall itself. The plants receive water and nutrients within the vertical support instead of the ground.

No need to take stress if you can’t set up your vertical garden because Saveer Biotech can assist you in setting up vertical gardens or green walls to enhance your inner and outer living spaces. The main aim of Saveer Biotech is to blend nature into existing ambience. There are some valuable benefits of Vertical Gardening:

  • Significantly cools concrete surface by a few degrees
  • A means to re-cycle grey water
  • Eye catching appeal for spectators
  • Efficient use of undesirable space
  • A means for artistic expression

Our growing facility has around 50,000 plants capacity and all grown with utmost love and care. Our horticulture team knows what type of plants grow well in vertical gardens and how they can be made ideal for vertical plantation. Each plant undergoes special training and conditioning. We make sure that plants are full-grown and matured before we can send them for installation at site.

All plants are grown in vertical gardens, especially soil-less growing plant from baby stage. Due to the porous nature of soil-less media it becomes easy for the plant to grow fast and help roots to grip the media quickly. So, without wasting a single minute immediately get in touch with the leading agriculture company Saveer Biotech and cultivate an upper quality of crops.

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