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Crop Specific Grow Lights:

Saveer is the one of the key industry player in dealing with greenhouse light requirements of user by having various options like sodium vapour, Halogen, LED lighting solutions for both top lighting and inter lighting applications in the Greenhouse for various research & commercial project requirements. Our crop specific light spectrum combinations gives an added advantage to greenhouse growers to increase their research accuracy, quality and yields in year-round production.

Saveer provide turnkey lighting systems for growers and plant researchers based on the focussed crop with choices of selections from Halogen, LED and Sodium vapour lamps.


  • Choices of Sodium Vapour, Halogen & LED based lighting solutions.
  • High & Low intensity customizations.
  • reduces growth cycles, improve color, shape, and taste
  • Grow with the tailor-made spectrum for your specific crops
  • Grid based fixing arrangement for top lighting to allow vertical movement required for light height adjustments
  • Energy saving light solutions
  • Reduce labor cost with easy plug and play installation
  • Lower maintenance costs with long life duration.
  • Shadow free light installations
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