Soilless Cultivation

Soilless Cultivation

Saveer Biotech Ltd. is a leading agriculture company, which was formed in an effort to respond to the growing interest and need of the worldwide agricultural community in soilless culture systems. It has since developed and expanded its professional soilless cultivation systems to include solutions for herbs, cut flowers, vegetables and strawberry cultivation.

Saveer Biotech is located in India, a country well acquainted with difficult climate and soil problems. We, at Saveer understand the need to recycle drainage water and have developed systems and products to minimize waste. The technique of Soilless cultivation is much more than just another way of growing produce. It is a misconception to believe that the issue of workable land is the main reason growers are drawn to soilless cultivation. Upper quality production is the main attraction of soilless cultivation. This higher level of cultivation technology is available and successful for flowers, vegetables and herb growers alike.

Traditional agriculture is cultivation of crops/plants in soil. The plants, in fact, do not need soil to grow but for its nutrients. In case of vegetation in nutrient solutions or any other substrate (other than soil) containing essential nutrients, the practice is known as soilless gardening/ dirt free farming. In a traditional soil-based garden, a plant wastes most of its energy developing a huge root system for it has to search far and wide in the soil for its food and water. This type of technique for the cultivation is directly available to the plant roots. The plant gets everything it needs, in all the right proportions, at just the right time and utilizing it most efficiently. Here the plant shows its full genetic potential. Soilless cultivation just bypasses the soil and the plant’s requirements are met by nutrient rich water. It is known as Hydroponic cultivation.

Being amongst the eminent organization, Saveer Biotech is devotedly occupied in rendering qualitative Soilless Cultivation Service to our respected patrons. Soilless cultivation is carried out with utmost care using advanced methodology. We are capable of producing vegetables in large scale. The provided services are widely appreciated amongst our clients for their timely execution and premium quality. In addition to this, offered Soilless Cultivation Service is available at most feasible prices.

Saveer Biotech Ltd. always strives to lead the soilless cultivation with technologically advanced farming techniques, clean and ethical farming practices, helping people to attain food security.

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