The standard basic size of 160 ft² (16 ft. X10 ft.) with different models makes them the choice facility for the researchers to design it for roof tops or a small area available to them for conducting research year around with the desired environmental conditions. Research Greenhouse is the best way for researchers and students to explore the capacity of environment.

Particulars Dimensions
Greenhouse size 160 ft² (16ft. L×10ft W)
No. of  bays 01
Side Height 9ft.
Center Height 12ft.
Shape Arc
Pre Ante Room Size 4ft.×6ft. (L×W) = 24ft²
Doors 2- Each Size: 6'-3" × 3' (L X W))
Climate Control 1. Evaporative Cooling System
2. Air Conditioner- Frost Free

Product Details

Structure: The structure is appropriately designed to take wind load of the area where the facility is established. Standard models are designed to take a wind load up to 100 km/hr. All Structures, Rafters, Perlins, Trusses are made of galvanized steel which makes it rust free. Read More..


Cladding System: We use UV stabilized polycarbonate sheets, these sheets are clear multi wall and long lasting, there is a option for the researchers for asking for DL Sheets as they are more clear and no yellowing takes place even after 10 years. Read More..


Ante Room: This forms a very essential feature of research greenhouse as it is necessary for temperature regulation and insect pest monitoring and its management.

Shading System (external): Different shades are available for 75% shading net (agro shade net). The specially designed rolling system –manual is there for rolling up and down the side ventilators.

Doors of the greenhouse are made of polycarbonate sheets framed in top & bottom tracks. The doors are fixed by jambs, flashings & installation hardware.

Lighting System: Supplemental lights are commonly added to research greenhouses to aid plant growth and for task lighting. We use Photo synthetically Active Radiation Lamp with Photo simulators, Metal Halide (MH) high intensity discharge lamps to meet the requirements. Our fluorescent lighting comes with special ballast specifically designed to last longer for such facilities. Read More..


Cooling System: Greenhouse is provided with half evaporative cooling system and Half AC, optionally it can be fully equipped with evaporative cooling system or by AC only.
A) Air conditioner units:
The system is required in high precision research where constant controlled temperature is to be maintained. User can maintain any temperature in any season. With specialized technology these systems are frost free. Read More..

Air Conditioner (A.C)

B) Evaporative Cooling System
For cooling of greenhouse energy depletion system with water and pad is used. It lowers the greenhouse temperature by 8°C ±2°C Read More..

Evaporative Cooling System

Heating System: Special heat convector gerat system is used to maintain required uniform temperature. Our heating system can work on electricity, gas and diesel. Not even this it can switch automatically from electric to gas and so on to diesel, when power cut is there.

Fogging System: Greenhouse is installed with heavy duty motor with nozzles, fitter, pipes, Piltz Timer etc., to achieve desired humidity.

Control Panel for Automation: Microprocessor Photosynthesis Monitor is installed which includes Light, Temperature & Humidity Control system. This system offers different type of user friendly features. Different parameters can be recorded. You can see these parameters either numerically in the form of data or through graphs. This data can be stored for the tenure of the experiment and you can store the same for your reference purpose or you can e-mail complete data through system to your e-mail id.

Civil Work is proposed to be accomplished by the customer. However if desired we will undertake it as per the standard specification. Read More..

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