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Saveer Biotech is the only greenhouse company in India  having own  In-House  R&D center recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.

For over 3 decades our dedicated team of Scientists, Engineers and Agriculture/Horticulture experts constantly working on the plant growth strategies in controlled environment.

Share your requirement  and we will design, manufacture and install  the Greenhouse to meet your goals, either it’s a Commercial or a Research Greenhouse. Following installation, our personnel are available train your  staff for  operation and maintenance of the facility.

We ensure an array of growing techniques developed by the team of  scientists having expertise in  Horticulture, Vegetables, Agronomy, Virology, Pathology, Entomology, Physiology etc. to take care of your requirements.

Our Research Greenhouses are designed to be  friendly in  operations specifically for Research Applications detailed studies of plant diseases, life cycle study of the plant, insect pests and plant adaptation to drought, cold temperatures and other abiotic stresses, hardening of the plants and the ability to conduct plant research on various crops throughout the year and in different climate regions i.e. Tropical, Sub-tropical, Temperate & Desert.

Our Research Greenhouses are best in the terms of durability also as they last for years with minimum maintenance.


  • The greenhouse environments are all computer controlled equipped with carefully regulated environments. In our Research Greenhouses users can access the ongoing activities  of plant growth, opt for a mobile version to access the facility through your Smartphone.
  • The structures are made of  hot galvanized GI pipes free from  the fear of rust, ensure structure and free from fungal infection to the plants.
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate sheets are used for cladding Research Greenhouses with PC sheets provide best light transmission and proper air insulation, the prerequisite of research greenhouses. The greenhouses are efficient to withstand extremes of weathers storms, hail storms, wind, and snow:

Cooling system is taken care of with algae free cooling pads and fans or AC as per the requirement of the facility.  We use Energy depletion system engineered for optimal performance and longevity of the system.

  • Meticulously chosen Lights are provided for  proper light spectrum the ultimate requirement for plant growth.
  • Provision of anteroom with double door entry ensure greenhouses free of any pest and diseases.
    Our specially designed anterooms provide  efficient  management of pest problems.
  • Long lasting and rust free benches with movable tops. We have different benching system to suit the need of greenhouse. Fixed, moveable, ebb n flow etc.
  • Various solutions for shading : The Greenhouses are supplied with different screens suitable for different requirements of the facilities and optimum growth of plants.
  • Alarm system, If desired alarm system can be provisioned to avoid any adverse conditions if arises.


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