Research Greenhouse - Maize
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Research Greenhouse - Maize

Saveer’s MPLB Technology Research greenhouse for Maizeprovides multiple parameters inside the greenhouse to grow the maize year around to achieve objectives of a researcher. The main studies on maize are related to Varietal Development, Maintenance and Evaluation; Effect of Biotic and Abiotic factors, Plant Diseases, Insect Pests, Drought and Temperatures etc.The PLB Research Greenhouse can also be constructed on roof top of buildings/Labs in places of land scarcity or the fields being too far off. With the technology available now Saveer has made it possible to haveroof top greenhouses which are more environmentally friendly and very easy for the researcher to access the facility from his laboratory for efficient monitoring of the research projects.

This greenhouse can beaccessedfromany place with internet facilities to monitor different parameters and even a researcher can change them without actually visiting the greenhouse

MPLB Technology Maize Research Greenhouse is ideal for studies on:

  • Maintenance and production of parent lines
  • Inbred line development and characterization
  • Female and Male inbred lines
  • Inbred line maintenance
  • Maintaining early generation lines
  • Maintaining highly inbred lines
  • Research on effect of different abiotic and biotic factors
  • Drought related studies
  • Pollen control with cytoplasmic male sterility
  • Pollen control with chemical agents
  • Pollen control with biotechnology assisted methods
  • Production of parent seed stocks
  • Foundation seed stock increase
  • Avoiding mixtures of male and female lines
  • Fastening the life cycle
  • Time scale isolation

The important parameters in MPLB Research Greenhouses for Maize are:



Suitable Climate

The suitable climate for growing maize is Subtropical, Tropical and Temperate Zones. Similarparameters can be created inside the MPLB Greenhouse as per your research need round the year.


The suitable temperature for growing maize is: 30-320C (86-89.600 F) during day and 15-160C (59-60.80F) during night. The roots of the maize crop are very sensitive and the sun exposure damages the roots. This will be taken care off. In this facility we provide high temperature required for bursting pollen.


Proper humidity 60-70% for the entire life cycle of maize crop is necessary especially during flowering for healthy plant growth and high production of pollens. The required conditions can be mimic as per the requirement.


We have developed special adjustable Light Banks to simulate light to match the research requirements inside the greenhouse.  The duration of the days i.e. long or short can be controlled through VWS-18 technology by which the different DLI i.e. differential light integrals can be achieved for the experimental requirements.


The growing area i.e. independent beds of required size or sump area can be provided as per your need.

Wind velocity

The required environment for pollination, if needed will be created as per the crop requirement.  The pollen is air borne and the pollination days are very limited ranging from 6-8 days. For increasing the rate of pollination, the air mixing fans are placed in MPLB greenhouse to accelerate pollination activities.


In your studies on frost resistant variety if you need frost at any time as per crop cycle, the same can be created as per required duration.

Water quality: pH and E.C

Maize is grown in different soil conditions; the crop is sensitive to salty or acidic soil & water logging. The EC and pH is different in different climate areas, the required pH and EC can be provided automatically by feeding the data in the attached computerized system and get data in numerical or graphical form.

Water management

The irrigation or water management you can design as per season and can be provided automatically after feeding the data as per the requirement in the computerized system.

Water stagnation/ Submergence

Different plots can be planned in the MPLB greenhouse to study the water stagnation/ submergence related studies.

Time of sowing

As favourable environment is created in MPLBMaize greenhouse as such researcher can grow the crop any time during the year for continuation of the studies year around.

Nutrient management

Maize in general and hybrids in particular are responsive to nutrients applied either through organic or inorganic sources. Different studies with respect of nutrient doze and timing vis a vis stage of the crop can be conducted in such greenhouses with facility of complete isolation of the plots within the greenhouse. 

IPM Studies

Studies for working out IPM strategies on maize for different pests and specific chambers in MPLB maize greenhouse can be provided to the researchers to carry out such studies.

Harvesting - Drying and traceability of the stored seed

The required device, process, barcode applicator for traceability, with drying facility on the folding netted shelves within the greenhouse can be provided.


Harvesting Advice

Maize storage is susceptible to pests, rodents; birds during storage, the storage environment must be free from same.


We have standardized some models of PLB Research Greenhouses for Maize research, the sizes usually asked for by Scientists. However customized greenhouses are usually asked for specific research for which out technical team is always there to provide the one stop solution:
Saveer Team:
Our highly competent and experienced installation team comprising of Engineers, Project Manager, Coordinators & Technicians work in accordance to your specifications till the successful installations of your greenhouse to ensure success. They are readily available for the start- up, testing & training your staff in operating the facility.

If you have any problem in growing the crops, a team of reputed Scientists who are highly trained and dedicated with vast experience and updated information in their respective fields are available. Different training modules are also available for “hands on training”.

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