rainout shelter
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Rainout Shelter

For drought studies Saveer offers Rainout shelter, which is designed to prevent the experimental plots from rains and high speed wind. This facility is used for drought related studies by means of controlling the input of water.

Rainout shelter facility is provided in customized sizes as per need of customers. Different models i.e. static & movable are available. Movable model has automatic & manual versions.

  • Automatic version is motorized and is provided with a rain sensor to move over the protected plot by a drive system controlled by microprocessor.
  • Manual version is operated with using switch to move the structure.
We have established 30 Rainout Shelters in India.


  • The structure rests on rail with deep support system.
  • Super structure are suitable to sustain maximum Indian wind load conditions
  • Cladding is provided with DL Sheet, no yellowing up-to 20 years.
  • Canopy opening and closing is available in both manual and automatic.

Controlled System/Drive Mechanism

1. Automatic: with intelligent Control System

The system is sensitive enough to sense the strong wind and rain and make the super structure automatically move away from the parking area to protect the experimental crops and when the conditions return to normal the superstructure will move back to the parking place. The human hand is only involved in setting the limits.

2. Semi automatic:

This version is motorized but is operated manually in the sense that the system is to be switched on/off manually to move the superstructure from and to the parking area.

3. Manually:

The superstructure with the manual version will be moved manually from its parking spot on the protected plot whenever a rain is expected, not when the rain begins. It is moved into the parking space when rain is expected to cease completely.

Rainout Shelter
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