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Tissue Culture Labs

Tissue culture labs are quite popular in private and public sectors because of the edge cutting technology involved in production of quality planting material. Initially, only professional laboratories and large companies adopted the tissue culture technique, while today, we see many small enterprises and institutes maintain tissue culture labs because of the following involved in tissue culture propagation.

  • Get large no. of plants in less time.
  • True to parent plant.
  • Disease free plants.
  • Plant cultures in approved media are easier to export than are soil-grown plants, as they are pathogen free and take up little space

Saveer has a tremendous experience and expertise in completing more than 200 turnkey projects in tissue culture lab establishment. We plan, design, manufacture, install & commission the complete modular tissue culture labs in just 4 weeks. We also manufacture key equipment of the labs like Laminar Air flows, Tissue culture racks , Bioreactors with complete customization as per user desired needs.

Our Turnkey Solutions

  • Planning, Designing of project
  • Laboratory made of single stored Pre Engineered Building (PEB) including foundation, flooring and plinth wall covered with polyurethane insulated thick Puff panels
  • Sterilize and Semi- Sterilize Area
  • Media Preparation & Chemical Storage Room
  • Sterilization Room
  • Buffer/Change Room
  • Media Storage Room
  • Inoculation Room
  • Culture Room
  • Bottle Storage Room
  • Non Sterilize Area
  • Bottle Washing Area
  • Hand & Leg Wash Area
  • Wash Room
  • Hardening facilities
  • Primary & Secondary
  • Glass ware & plastic ware, Furniture & Office supplies & Equipment.

Technological advantages of our equipment.
Laminar Air Flows –

  • 99.99% sterile environment for culturing
  • HEPA filter for ultra-filtered sterile air at 0.3 micron
  • UV Life indicator with digital timer
  • LED for uniform light while working/sub-culturing in laminar

Tissue Culture Racks –

  • LED-based illumination systems of primarily intended for plant growing under controlled light conditions.
  • UV Germicidal lights in each shelf
  • Digital Timer to maintain photoperiodic cycle


  • Highly Transparent
  • Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Fully Autoclavable
  • Volume 4000 ml
  • Base dimensions: 24x18 cm (432 cm2)
  • Height: 10 cm front - 11 cm back
  • Connectors glued to the vessel body

Other Equipment -

  • PAR Lamps
  • Photoperiodic Simulator Digital Base Timer
  • Biotech Room Temperature Controller
  • Autoclave
  • Biotech Split Air Conditioner
  • Sequential Timer
  • Switching Unit
  • Voltage Stabilizer
  • Turbo Humidifier
  • Ozone Generation System
  • Automation Control Panel
  • Laboratory Furnitures
  • Tray Trolleyes
  • Pass Boxes - Static / Dynamic
  • Tray – Hdpp (For Culture Bottles) ipment-
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