Phytotron Facility
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Phytotron Facility

Phytotron is a facility where a number of Growth Chambers and Greenhouses are organized in such a way that different environmental factors can be simulated for research studies simultaneously.

We have developed State of the Art integrated Phytotron with facility latest 3G/4G technology based internet system incorporated in the products to get remote access. The facility is equipped with camera. It helps user to see the plant growth through internet from any part of the world. The facility has password operating system to maintain secrecy.


  1. With the advent of this customized facility researcher is able to access world climatic conditions of the world ranging from the Arctic to the Dessert to the Tropics while eliminating the variability found in nature.
  2. Allows scientists to conduct experiments like complete life cycle of a plant or pests, transgenic studies under different climatic conditions to arrive at a conclusion.
  3. In institutes, scientists working on such parameters need different types of above mentioned facilities for conducting their research which they never find in as orderly form as in a Phytotron.
  4. User can store all the data for the crop studies and can use the same for reference. Data can be saved/stored in numeric or graphical form. User can use the information in different combinations as per his requirements.


We provide state of the art programmer technology in the facility for greater control of following conditions and with unequalled reliability and durability.

  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Accurate and reproducible results
  • Choice of lighting systems
  • Cost effective solutions
  • High frequency fluorescent lighting
  • Simple day/night control or advanced programmability
  • Energy efficient lighting systems
  • Multi day programming
  • Multi level password protection
  • Graphical representation of the test values
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