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V-Type Nursery Seedling Production facility

Saveer specializes  in establishing V-Type Nursery seedling production facilities. The  facility can be fully automated or manual facility. We not only design,  manufacture and install the facilities but  run the facilities on Turn-Key basis.  The facilities are used for mass production of seedlings /saplings of vegetables, fruits, flowers and tree species. 

For the  turnkey projects, farmers are supplied with the  quality seedlings of the known  varieties  to meet their  desired current and future plans,. The facility produce lakhs of plants

V-Type Nursery facility established by us in Raipur, Chhattisgarh is producing lakhs of vegetable seedlings per year. The center has become point of wish come true for the farmers of the state who are now able to get the vegetable seedlings of their choice at any time round the year they desire.
Saveer is the first company in India who established and run the 1st automated plug type nursery seedling production facility Bana, Chhattisgarh in 2010. Followed by other states, chose to establish similar facilities so that the respective state farmers also get benefitted.


  • A facility for mass production of quality seedlings of vegetables, flowers, fruits- root stock etc.
  • The V-Type nursery seedlings production facility helps farmers  from the uncertainties of strange weathers in the open fields...
  • The facility ensure the seedlings disease-free, healthy strong  roots and easy to transplant.


  • Automatic seeder ensure  seeds  are dispensed evenly at consistent depth  and avoid crowding.
  • The different models of Seeders allow different trays. The machine line can be customized for different trays sizes or number of cavities
  • Automatic dispensing of seeds,  followed by leveling by the compressor and waterer
  • The trays are then  moved to the  greenhouse by the  conveyor belt.
  • Once in Hi-Tech greenhouse the trays are shifted to benches.

Saveer Nursery Greenhouses are producing millions of quality seedlings in   small area and supplying to the  farmers. The seedlings are raised in nursery growing trays or in root trainers of different sizes depending upon the size of the seedlings/saplings. The seedlings are uniform in growth and development, strong rooting ensures better survival and growth after transplantation.

Nursery Greenhouses are specialized in growing containerized seedlings for vegetables, fruits, and forest plants. The nursery of the plants is raised throughout the year and farmers get certified seedling of their choice when desired. This allows better scope for farmers  to plan the crop of their choice to meet the market demand and thus  enhance their income . Nursery greenhouse can be used for raising vegetables, fruit plants, flowers, and forest saplings.

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