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Nanotechnology, which deals with the manipulation of matter at nanometer sizes, has attracted the attention of many researchers worldwide and also influenced a large number of industrial sectors in the 21st century. It has become pivotal in various branches of science and technology, as the new technological methods offered by the Nanotechnology are more sustainable than the current existing technologies. Incorporation of nanomaterials not only changes the properties, but also improved the design and performance of various products in wide areas of interests covering medicine and medical devices, materials, coating, food and agriculture, electronics, chemicals, cosmetics, energy and many more, which made all major industrial sectors to feel the importance and need of Nanotechnology to be integral part of their technological divisions.

To promote the nano-science and encourage product development, Saveer has established “Saveer Nano-Tech Division” at Greater Noida, NCR Delhi.

“Saveer Nano Tech Division” has an independent infrastructure of about 5000 sq. well-furnished space for Scientist and associated staff to be housed, the division has complete working in glove facility for the synthesis of nano materials. The division has been founded for undertaking cutting-edge interdisciplinary research that would foster major advances in the broad field of nanotechnology. This division builds upon the existing strengths of the faculty and leverage them to produce new applications for nanotechnology by building self-sustaining research and product development.

The division focus on translational research in their respective areas which leads to the commercialization of the translated technology. The division is equipped with Induction Plasma System, the state of the art facility used in the synthesis of nano materials and presently the SOP’s for few nanomaterials have been standardized and characterized.

The division is engaged to develop a rigorous research methodologies, focusing mainly on sustainable nanomaterials which could lead to breakthrough discoveries and subsequent product development for the betterment of mankind.

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