Mist Chamber
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Mist Chamber

Our Mist Chambers meet the international standards and are widely used for cloning of forest species including medicinal plants and for growth and development of different types of vegetative plant organs as well as seeds. Mist chambers are suitable for maintaining ambient humidity and temperature that helps in rooting of Eucalyptus, Casuarina, Bamboos and all medicinal plants species and hardening of Tissue-Cultured plants.

Our Mist Chambers have the capacity to produce millions of saplings round the year.

Based on the plantation targets both short/long term, we suggest size, accessories and other inputs.

We are the largest producers of Mist Chamber in the India. Our mist chambers are available in different sizes yet economical.

Mist Chamber : Features

  • Environmental parameters i.e. light, temperature and humidity are regulated in mist chambers with high precision accuracy by control panel for better and assured supply of the plant material throughout the year which is not possible in the open conditions.
  • Relative Humidity is maintained artificially. These chambers are provided with pneumatic atomizing nozzles creating desired moisture for plants helping them rooting, hardening of tissue cultured plants. The cooling effect inside the Mist Chamber prevents the cuttings from drying out.
  • A large number of plants can be made available with this facility for regeneration of the forest area around the year  .
  • Our Mist Chambers ensure the plants  devoid of any susceptibility to pathogen, insect and pests attack.
  • Benching system meet International standards,
    Life Span : 20 years
    load-bearing capacity of 3 tones
    The system allow 18-21% more area inside the mist chamber compared to the  onventional methods.
    Benches are 100% hot galvanized and rust free which prevent  any kind of fungus and other pathogens.
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