Saveer Milestones
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Started working with a meager loan of Rs. 5000/- Saveer has in its journey crossed several milestones.

Saveer continues to achieve newer and bigger milestones for last 30 years.

2017 - Developed new product VeggieStar and indoor Hydroponic Vegetable Production System | Successfully completed Centres of Excellence for Horticulture in Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh and Dendrobium in Andhra Pradesh. Hi Tech Greenhouse in Reliance. Turnkey project with production module Hydroponic Greenhouse in Gujrat and Bangladesh

2016 - Solar powered irrigation boat for river banks fields| Climate Controlled Greenhouse in Ethiopia | Mist Chamber, Hardening Chamber, Screenhouse, Established Centre of Excellences for Horticulture in Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh.

2015 - Hydroponics and Aeroponics system in C.S.I.R | Centre of Excellence for Horticulture | Horticulture Nurseries | Floriculture Facility | Model nursery on turnkey basis

2014 - Hydroponic greenhouse for Hero MotoCorp | Centre of Excellence for Horticulture in North East | BSL-3 Lab in IARI, New Delhiā€

2013 - Plant Phenomics facility | Center for Excellence in Horticulture | V Type Nursery Project

2012 - CTGC & FATE in CRIDA Hyderabad & Shillong. | Project DBT in Nanotechnology

2011 - Established Commercial Tissue Culture Lab on BOT basis at BAC, Sabour, Bihar | Project DSIR Development of energy efficient polyhouses

2010 - Installed phytotron facility at MPKV, Rahuri, Maharashtra. Installed Rainout shelter in IGKVV, Raipur.

2008 - Established BSLlab and Plant Growth Chamber in ICGEB

2007 - Installed State of the Art Green/Polyhouses in Ethopia.

2006 - Installed greenhouse in Reliance, Mumbai and Pepsi, Punjab. -Number of Greenhouses, Polyhouses, Mist Chambers in various Universities and Research Institutes

2005 - Special Greenhouse installed in PEPSI, RELIANCE, BILT

2001 - Saveer established Environmental Simulation System in Antarctica.

2000 - Saveer made largest facility in India for Plant Quarantine in Delhi

1998 - With a vision to expand globally, Saveer started supplying and installing Greenhouses in Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Algeria. We specially designed Greenhouses for Seychelles, as the area is surrounded by sea and environment is saline.

1994 - We developed first indigenously designed Mist Chamber and supplied it to J.K. Papers.

1993 - The company was formally registered as Saveer Biotech limited.

1989 - The year was a landmark in the history of Saveer. Our product like Temperature Controller and Photoperiodic Cycle system found way in TERI.

1986 - Saveer concentrated during 1986-89 to the required conditions of plants necessary to overcome mortality under in vivo conditions. Since Greenhouses were not available for hardening of plants for the whole year, so we had a challenge to make plant growth chambers and other facilities to address the constraint.

1984 - In this golden year the company supplied its first indigenously designed Growth Chamber to Delhi University and upgraded redesigning of various innovative products/ technology required in Tissue Culture studies.

1981 - The company started to design the Photoperiodic Caster Racks and Improved Digital Temperature Controller.

1980 - The company was formally registered as Saveer.

1978 - Registration initiative was taken. -'LEZTZ' established. Produced Temperature, humidity and photoperiodic cycle system

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