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Laboratory Furniture

We are a team of experienced biotechnologists, engineers & marketing persons, providing world’s best state-of-the-art working laboratory.

Saveer provides excellent laboratory furniture, with an expertise of over two decades. Saveer Lab furniture is the logical choice where style, color, and economy are an important consideration. Our flush overlay design enables you to create a sleek contemporary environment at a fraction of the cost of other casework options. It is the most suitable for the teaching laboratory. We provide systematic space planning for efficient working.

Suspended Cabinets:
Suspended cabinets mount directly on walls or support structures, optimizing the use of space are enhanced by PVC edging in either grey or black. Flush saver door handle adds a touch of class to your laboratory.

Saveer Frame:
Saveer main support frames are made of epoxy powder coated extruded octagonal tubes and connectors. Cabinet frames are made of 16mm square tubes with connectors. They can support heavy-weight and combine stability, beauty, and ease of dismantling, when necessary.

Reagent Shelves:
The Reagent Shelves are supported by the Saveer frames and thick glass shelves. Electrical sockets, gas and plumbing fixtures pipes hidden from view.

Choose from a range of worktops that provide chemical resistance. Prevent the build-up of bacteria and are easy to clean and maintain.

We have all the furniture solutions for different Laboratories with different accessories

  • Flammable Chemicals Storage Cabinets
  • Vertical Drums Storage Cabinets
  • Corrosives Storage Cabinets
  • Pesticides Storage Cabinets
  • Secured Storage Cabinets
  • General Use Storage cabinets
  • Compartmentalize Storage Cabinets
  • Pharmaceutical and Reagents Storage Cabinets
  • Cylinder Cabinet

Hospitals Laboratory system
The equipment found in such facilities will differ according to the type of work to be done in the laboratory. Typical equipment includes microscopes, hotplate stirrers, mixers, balances, centrifuges and sterilizers. Instruments include atomic absorption Spectrophotometers, liquid and gas chromatography systems. Handlings of biohazards are common in such laboratories. A hospital laboratory provides the facilities for the hospital to carry out routine tests required for patient care. There are usually biological hazards that need to be disposed after appropriate decontamination.

Educations Laboratory System
A chemistry laboratory in university is commonly designed and constructed to provide a safe and efficient workplace for various chemical experiments associating with analysis, inorganic or water, ventilation, power system.

Laboratory Accessories
Light: - Fluorescent tubes are encased with a vapor proof of casing.
Baffle: - The baffle is epoxy coated stainless Steel sheet to enhance resistance to acids and alkalis.
Sash opening: - Directs air into the bed with minimal turbulence and ensures fume containment.
Sink and Worktop: - Thick black epoxy work top provides resistance to acids, alkalis, heat, and aasio. Sink provided superior resistance to acids and alkalis.
Service Panels: - Service panels are easily removable for access to utility lines, water, gas and other fixtures are remotely controlled. A face velocity display unit with an alarm system will protect the user.

Glass Sash: Vertically rising horizontal glass sash protects the operation while providing excellent visibility. The thick tempered safety glass sash slides smoothly and is able to stop at any position. Louvered linked panel provides adequate bypass when the sash is totally closed.

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