Indoor Vegetable Plantation

Indoor Vegetable Plantation

Being the leading groundbreaker in indoor farming, Saveer Biotech Ltd. provides the facility of growing plants without sun or soil in a fully-controlled indoor environment. We have optimized our patented indoor vegetable plantation system for faster harvest cycles, predictable results, superior food safety and less environmental impact. Saveer Biotech constantly monitors all of the macro and micronutrients for plants to provide them with everything that they need to thrive. The company is able to take the exact same seed from the field and then grow it in half the time as a traditional field farmer that leads towards further output per square foot than a commercial field farm.

If you do not have the time or yard space, it is still possible to grow a garden full of delicious healthy produce by indoor vegetable gardening. Maybe the soil where you live is hard to manage and has a shallow bed of rocks, or slow-draining clay. Fresh vegetables can be included on your dinner menu in a blink of an eye with the best solution of growing plants above ground. In case of less space for plantation, vegetable gardening ingenuity grows by leaps without boundaries. A specially constructed wooden planter with a drainage tray, can house tomatoes and other vegetables.

The quality of indoor vegetation depends on how well the lighting, climate control, software controls, sensors and logistics work together. Saveer Biotech takes care of all these functions effectively and efficiently. Indoor vegetable plantation system designed by Saveer Biotech, optimize the growth recipes, which results in specifying the ideal growing conditions for vegetables, fruit and herbs to achieve better outcomes. Indoor vegetable plantation system of Saveer ranges from a higher yield, enhanced taste and stronger plants to increased level of nutrients and vitamins in crops. Special recognition goes to Saveer Biotech for constructing this unique indoor facility. Every aspect of our growing process has been optimized to minimize and mitigate pest proliferation. Other than our organized indoor environment, our growing methods disrupt the normal life cycle of common indoor pests so that they never get started.

Therefore, if you are also looking for indoor plant vegetation then harvest crops of high quality with Saveer Biotech Ltd. who always aspire that future farmer should be able to grow healthy and fresh crops all year long — without any soil or sunlight.

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