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Hydroponics & Aeroponics:


With urbanization, industrialization, increasing biotic and abiotic pressures and chemical agriculture, our soil, water and air are being polluted. The food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe is not clean. The vegetables and fruits we buy and consume are being transported from long distances and hence are not fresh and crisp. We are unaware if our vegetables have been cultivated in soils contaminated with heavy metals, harmful human pathogens and residual pesticides, which have been sprayed many times even before harvesting them.

A thought always comes to our mind whether we are to produce our favorite leafy greens , herbs  & exotic vegetables in a very hygienic conditions throughout the year irrespective of season constraints by eliminating all these contaminants .

To make the dream come into reality of producing safe food within your complete reach and control, Vegetables grown in soilless media using hydroponic technology is the one stop solution to produce high quality and safe food.


  • Completely soilless cultivation of crops in controlled environment
  • NFT channel systems for leafy vegetables & herbs production inside Greenhouse or Indoor with PAR lights setup with complete or semi automation
  • Substrate system for cultivation of exotic vegetables and wine crops inside Greenhouse with complete or semi automation
  • Aeroponic systems for flowers, leafy greens , Potatos & other mini tuber cultivation inside Greenhouse with complete or semi automation
  • Vertical towers for leafy greens & high value crops inside Greenhouse or Indoors with PAR lights setup
  • Indoor hydroponic setup with grow light setup for active photosynthesis without sunlight.
  • Technical consultancy and assistance from experts in growing practices exclusively for clients who took facility from us


  • 100x50 , 100x100 channels connected with water recirculation & automation system in NFT based Hydroponics for leafy greens & herbs
  • Composite mixture of copeat & other 10 more inert growing materials for substrate based hydroponics to grow wine crops & exotic vegetables.
  • Automated irrigation & fertigation system with multiple nutrient recipe settings option for accurate fertilizer dosing, irrigation, energy efficient management.
  • Germination chambers & nursery block for young plants production in controlled environment zones
  • Inline drip irrigation for substrate hydroponics
  • RO & Chiller units for water quality & temperature control respectively in NFT systems.
  • System supports multiple fertiliser tanks mixing as per dosing ratio to match user specific requirement.
  • Hanging or Ground mounted growing gutters along with Trellising support wires.
  • Air bubblers for NFT systems for optimum oxygen & aeration in NFT
  • Misting based irrigation to root zones of plant in Aeroponics.


  • Hygienic produce free from toxicants and heavy metals as there is no soil anywhere.
  • Save up to 60% water consumption compared to conventional growing method.
  • No pesticides or insecticides usage.
  • Vegetables are grown in pure drinking R.O water with required nutrition to plants.
  • The growth rate of hydroponic plant is 30-50 percent faster than a soil-grown plant and there by reduces the harvest time.
  • Lesser work force required compared to conventional farming.
  • The extra oxygen in the hydroponic growing medium helps to stimulate root growth.


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