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veggiestar With urbanization, industrialization, increasing biotic and abiotic stress and the use of excessive chemicals in agriculture, our soil, water and air are getting polluted. The food we eat, water we drink, and air we breathe is not clean. The vegetables and fruits we buy and consume are transported from long distances and hence are not fresh and crisp. We are unaware whether our vegetables have been cultivated in soils contaminated with heavy metals, harmful human pathogens, and residual pesticides which have been sprayed many times even before harvesting them. A thought always comes to our mind whether we can produce our own leafy greens and herbs in a very hygienic conditions by eliminating the above contaminants, in our own residential premises year round.

The urbanites have constraints of land, but have reasonable open spaces in their residential or office premises. To make the dream turn into reality of producing safe food within your complete reach and control, veggieStar is one-stop solution.

VeggieStar is the one-stop solution to produce high quality and safe food.


A multilevel system for growing leafy veggies/herbs using hydroponic technology. It comes with a complete package of equipment/accessories and services which will enable everyone to grow their own veggies hassle free, in this automated state of art production system round the year.

Technological advantages over conventional growing methods.

  • Hygienic produce free from toxicants and heavy metals.
  • In general, plants grown hydroponically are healthier and happier plants.
  • The growth rate of hydroponic plants is 30-50 percent faster than a soil grown plant.
  • The extra oxygen in the hydroponic growing medium helps to stimulate root growth.
  • Minimal problems with bug infestations, bacterial, fungal diseases as compared to soil.
  • Insecticide and Pathogen free Hydroponic Produce Certified by SGS.

Other Benefits

  • It will give you the pleasure of growing, harvesting and enjoying garden fresh greens in your own premises.
  • Besides satisfying your hobby, your children will learn how the plants can be grown through hydroponics without soiling ones hands.
  • Greens will freshen the air at home/office, bring positive energy, with positive thinking.
  • Like your aquarium you feel pleasure to place the aesthetically designed “VeggieStar” in your Drawing room/office premises.
  • It’s not just a show piece; it will provide you fresh greens round the year which definitely will be safe, crisp and tasty as compared with those you buy from the market.

Choices of leafy veggies and herbs grown in VeggieStar:

  • Leafy Varieties of Lettuce
  • Amaranthus
  • Fenugreek (Methi)
  • Mint (Pudina)
  • Cilantro/Coriander
  • Mustard Greens(Sarso)
  • Culinary Herbs like Oregano etc.

Why Saveer VeggieStar?

  • Single window solution for planning, designing, manufacturing and commissioning of Hydroponics systems
  • Over 38 years of vast experience in providing customized solutions for Environmental Control Systems.
  • Providing exclusive crop production kits including growing manual for user’s, fertilizers and other required inputs.
  • Provide specially customized hydroponics production systems for growing nutritionally enriched, premium quality crops.
  • Technological service provides through in-house horticulture experts, if needed.

Things you get on buyingVeggieStar?

  • VeggieStar Product including full automation system.
  • Free Seed, Fertilizer and Other accessories for one year.
  • On-call support in case of any automation issues for one year
  • On-call Technical Support by horticulture experts for crop related queries.

Models Available:

1 VG01-3V-4L INDOOR 4 Levelled and 3 Vertical with LED* lights 216 Plants
2 VG02-2V-4L INDOOR 4 Levelled and 2 Vertical with LED* lights 144 Plants

*PAR-LED lights can also be placed upon request.

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