Hardening House

The process of acclimatization of the in vitro grown plants to the normal environment is hardening Micro-propagation has been extensively used for the rapid multiplication of many plants species. However, its wider use is restricted often by the high percentage of plant loss or damaged when transferred to ex vitro condition. The plants are subjected to specific culture regimes aimed at making them capable of surviving the uncontrolled and harsher ex vitro environment. The plants may be transferred to mist chamber or greenhouse and then to secondary hardening chambers for partial shade and further hardening to make it suitable for field plantation.

Let us know the plants you want to harden and the location, we will provide you customized hardening houses to excellent performance in the field in respect of the acclimatization and survival.
Saveer’s specially designed primary and secondary hardenings chambers ensure negligible plantlet loss in the hardening process. Our designs ensure the availability of micro climate suited to the plantlets as hardening process varies from plant to plant. Our specially designed hardening chambers for primary hardening of banana have resulted in 100% survival at the customers place.

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