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Plant Growth Chamber

Saveer provide ¬†State of the Art Plant Growth Chamber with a wide range of temperature, humidity, and light intensity patterns that are essential in Plant Growth. Plants can now be accurately reproduced and controlled with our upgraded models of chambers.

These growth chambers facilitate all types of plant related research including plant breeding and genetic research, photosynthesis, nutrition, and other aspects of plant pathology, entomology, physiology, etc.

This facility allows the researcher to access most of the desired  climatic conditions,Thousands of our products are working non-stop to date for last 25 years.

Some Salient Features of Plant Growth Chamber:

  • The unique air flow system enhance the tendency of plant to grow.
  • The camera is installed to record the observation.
  • Chambers are tested for 7 days prior to dispatch.
  • It is user-friendly with ease of mobility.
  • If you want a power backup facility, we provide the feature to maintain the same.
  • Spare parts are available up to 20 years from the date of manufacturing.
  • Packing of International Standards.

Types of growth chambers:

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