greenhouse virus screening
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Research Greenhouse for Plant Virus Screening & Insectary

Greenhouse for Plant Virus Screening:

We design, develop and offer the greenhouse for plant virus screening as per the requirements of the researcher, which include the necessary preventive measures required for procedures, equipment and facilities needed for handling insect vectors like white flies, aphids and other insect pests.We set enhanced procedures in the facility to prevent, detect (e.g. monitoring system) and record arthropod escape. This is done by handling them in a glove box, bio-safety cabinet or special devices which we have specially designed for the purpose. Special tubing is used to prevent breeding and hiding of insects in such places.

Three levels of protection for containment of the insect pests and other arthropod rearing or holding equipment have been designed to prevent escape for studies on the virus screening. However, this will depend on the containment level desired by the researcher.


1. This specially designed facility is a closed self-contained structure with a continuous covering that is separated from areas that are open to unrestricted traffic flow.

2. The minimum requirement for greenhouse entry passage is through two sets of self-closing locking doors.


This specially designed greenhouse/Insectary is used for studying insect biology, life tables and host plant interactions/relationship. This facility can be used for biological pest control as it allows Entomologists to develop insect rearing techniques and mass produce beneficial insects to be used to help reduce insect and weed populations below economic levels. We have developed greenhouse in which user can conduct different isolated trials in one common facility (same temperature & humidity). Isolation is done by special net screens which maintain temperature & humidity evenly in the total area.

When user wants different temperature for different crop cycles or for other reason in the greenhouse, different temperature, humidity and photoperiodic cycle can be maintained as per the need of user.


1. Environmentally controlled insect rearing chambers with the ability to regulate temperature, humidity and photo period to simulate any season or time of day.

2. Most of the chambers can be used for development, evaluation and implementation of biological control programs.

3. These types of Greenhouses are also in demand for propagating plants required for the production of host insects that are reared for studying insect biology/phenology and biological control programs.

4. This greenhouse is equipped with high PAR lighting system to resemble natural light and automatic controls to regulate temperature and air movement.

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