Fish Nursling Facility
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Fish Nursling Facility

Saveer Biotech Limited specializes in manufacturing, designing and installing Fish Nursling Facility which can provide the desired temperature in an enclosed area for the better survival of the hatchings, the facility is claded by UV Stabilized PC Sheet. In order to achieve higher rate of hatching and better survival of hatchlings, we have designed a specialized facility for conducive for inducing breeding and subsequent special environment for embryonic development and hatching of the eggs. As environmental temperature plays an important role in the successful hatching and larval development, our specially designed protected facility Aqua Den is very effective in maintaining the required environmental temperature. Incubation and hatching boiler and spawn collection container are maintained properly near to the Aqua den for the better survival and faster growth rate of larvae.

Main Nursling facility environment Parameters can be accessed by internet for monitoring

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light duration periods
  • Quality of water
  • PH and EC
  • Temperature
  • Flow of water

The supply of quality seeds is the first step for successful aquaculture. Indian major carps are not breeding in the stagnant pond. During monsoon, fish breed in the river. But the seeds collected from the river are not pure variety, mortality occurs during transport. Therefore, the production of seeds by induced breeding is commercially important.


  • Enhanced recovery of fish fry to a minimum of 60% is achieved which can go up to 90%, under traditional method it is about 10%.
  • Out of season fingerling production that offers consistent supply.
  • Genetic improvement can be achieved to improve the quality and yield of farmed species.
  • Damage due to the predators which is more at the nursling stage is avoided.
  • It reduces dependence on wild caught juveniles.
  • The small area caters to need of the large number of fish farmers as productivity is intensive.


  • State of the art well protected and weather independent structure
  • Cladding- PC sheets, Side covering- Poly film
  • Light for illumination
  • Boiler for warming fish pond water
  • Water filtration system
  • Oxygen enrichment system FE
  • Complete civil, electrical and sanitary work
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