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Exotic Plants

Let us know your requirement of the plants you want to import, we will source the best quality plants from the world known suppliers so that you get quality planting material.

We provide information on the most appropriate plants suiting your climate. We source the fruit be it tropical, subtropical or temperate or cut flower plants like orchids, gerbera, lilium, etc from the best suppliers of the world. We take care of the logistics and transport problems associated with the import of the plants. We ensure that the imported plant consignments are in consonance with the requirements of Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage, Govt. of India Our in house Horticulturists, Pathologists, Entomologists and other experts undertake all the necessary integrated water, fertilizer, manure and pest management techniques to ensure the survival of the plants in these facilities so that the customer gets healthy plants. So we are strategically positioned amid thousands of nurseries to source the plants of the customer's choice and safely transport them to any corner of the country with appropriate package within 2 days of the clearance of the Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine & Storage, Govt. of India.

We have certified post quarantine facilities available in our technology park where the plants are taken care off during post import quarantine examination and clearance.

We are registered importer of exotic planting materials like:

Fruit plants

  • Tropical
  • Subtropical
  • Temperate

Cut flower plants

  • Lilium
  • Orchids
  • Gerbera etc.
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