Customer Support

Saveer strive to provide reliable and durable products of the highest quality to our customers, even if any problem persists, our servicing /support department is available to help you.

We have a dedicated 24X7 customer support and service team to look after your service and repair requirements.

Our trained Engineers are well equipped to restore your product back to its normal working condition. We strongly recommend our users to use genuine Saveer spare parts for the proper functioning of the product.

Saveer Biotech Limited’s product Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) safeguards you from incurring expenditure when the product suffers unexpected breakdown and helps in maximizing the profits generated over the lifetime of a product by improving system reliability and cutting downtime.

Our AMC can assist you in

  • Decreasing the chance of lost production time from Instruments failure.
  • Obtaining the optimum production output for available ingredients.
  • Increasing the longevity of expensive instruments.
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