Commercial Greenhouse
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Ideal for Commercial Greenhouse

  • Nursery raising- Vegetable, fruits and Ornamentals etc.
  • Orchidarium
  • Vegetable Production- Tomato, Capsicum and Cucumber

Saveer is proficient in offering controlled environment solutions for commercial production of vegetables, flower, fruits and fish nursling. The viable option before the commercial growers to increase further the production levels per unit area is by increasing vertical growth and productivity; this is possible by intensive cultivation in protected environments which will ensure higher productivity levels. Saveer has gone to great lengths to ensure our customers to have access to the very distinct commercial greenhouses with the environment inside maintained for the optimum growth of the crops. The essential components are temperature, light, humidity, and air movement.


  1. Maintains optimum environmental parameters i.e. temperature, humidity, light, pH control CO2 throughout the facility.
  2. Our design of commercial greenhouse makes more use of the growing area.
  3. Commitment to deliver quality commercial greenhouse with assured after sale service has made us trusted name in the industry.
  4. Special gutter connect framework allows the grower two or more bays together as such extend the protected area in most cost effective method.
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