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Chairman Message

Established in 1978, Saveer Biotech Limited initially known as ‘LEZTZ’ which in German language means ‘latest’. Today it is a leading company manufacturing   Hi Technology Greenhouses, Phytotron Facilities, Plant tissue culture labs, Biotechnology labs, Controlled Environment Facilities and a wide range of related  products.

Till date we have installed more than 8000 facilities in India and other countries. Our In-house R&D Division is recognized by MoST, Govt. of India.  Our crucial endeavors apart from Hi Tech Green houses are   Phonemic facilities or Horticulture Centre of Excellences, FATE and FACE facilities and Nanotechnology while keeping pace with the increasing demands of Horticulture Industry.

Our Company has addressed to the problems  of high mortality of plants after In- vitro cultivation, with the  Plant Growth chambers designed by us  for various Research Institutes and corporate sector. We are proud that Indian Government reposed faith in our products / technologies and one such example is Govt of India’s  project in Antarctica, we established Environmental Simulation System in  2001 which is still performing excellently in spite of the strange hard  weather conditions of Antarctica.

Our innovations are not just for the sake of technologies development but to meet the for the desired results of our customers. Success for us has been characterized by an enduring set of corporate values based on innovation, strong leadership, integrity and social responsibility.

With the achievements gained so far , I would like to assure you that this is just a humble beginning as we move on the trajectory of Growth, Involvement and Commitment. I wish to record my appreciation to all for their contribution towards the growth of the company and look forward to take on new challenges and scale new heights of achievement in near future.

Dr. Sudan Netr Pal Chairman                
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