Turnkey Project

Centre of Excellence for Horticulture

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers

Our company having 3 decades of experience of designing, manufacturing and installation of state of the art facilities be it greenhouse technology, environmental control systems, tissue culture labs, crop production modules specializes in developing Centre of Excellence for fruits, vegetables and flowers in different states of India as per the specifications and the recommendations of Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Horticulture Division, Government of India.

Presently our company is engaged in developing such centers in 2 states of our country.
Provide us the location details and the components desired; we will help you in designing of the facility with technical and financial details.

The Major Components of such centre’s are:

  • Hi-Tech green house (fitted with cooling, misting, heating system along with humidity and temperature control system and raised platforms)
  • Naturally ventilated green house (with an inside net system)
  • Nethouse
  • Low tunnel polyhouse
  • Support system (GI wire) for kiwi, passion fruit, grapes etc
  • Creation of irrigation facilities-Water storage tank/water pond
  • Overhead drip irrigation system
  • Mini-sprinklers to irrigate nursery plants
  • Automation fertigation/irrigation unit
  • Vermi compost/FYM unit
  • Soil solarization/sterilization system
  • Shade house for filling of rooting media and for grafting & budding operations
  • Tissue culture unit
  • Establishment of Root Stock and Mother Plant Block
  • Establishment of recommended rootstock block of citrus & apple (Under open field conditions)
  • Establishment of mother block of citrus in greenhouse (under insect-proof net house having virus indexing facility) as well as in open field conditions.

Other Components:

  • Training center
  • Grading, pack house and cold room
  • Room along with toilet facility for laborers
  • Horticulture machinery, tools and equipments
  • Fencing, kacha farm road
  • Inputs like improved seed/planting materials, fertilizers, micronutrients, plant protection chemicals, seedling traps, poly bags, material, labeling, etc.
  • Technical support/manpower.
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