Arabidopsis Chamber
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Arabidopsis Chamber

Arabidopsis is a small flowering plant and one of the model organisms used for studying plant biology. These are the first plant to have its entire genome sequenced.

The Arabidopsis Growth Chamber is used for the growth of the Arabidopsis plant. It provides adequate space for growing the plant to maturity under controlled conditions.

The chamber is user-friendly with ease of mobility. Users can select the number of shelves to be fitted in the chamber, and these can easily be added or removed depending on specific needs. The design of the Arabidopsis Growth Chamber allows researchers to access and make measurement of small leaves that are tightly bunched together by providing unrestricted access.


  • Temperature, humidity, and light controlled by Saveer process controller (SPC)
  • Turbo humidifier used in the chamber for humidification.
  • Cooling and Humidification controlled by CFC free cooling system.
  • Working chamber can be split in compartments.
  • Interior cabinet of stainless steel coated white.
  • Cabinet fitted with lockable door and is mounted on 4 dual-wheeled swivel castors.
  • When no cooling and humidification is required the compressor will run in a bypass system, contributing to a longer life of compressor.
  • SPC works in real-time and checks temperature and humidity at fixed time intervals responds by taking action when necessary.
  • Connects water supply directly, incoming pressure must be between 1 and 4 bars.
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