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Aeroponics Facility

There are several seed production techniques that are currently used worldwide such as tissue culture, hydroponics and aeroponics. Among these techniques, aeroponics is one of the most effective techniques because of its perceived numerous advantages over these other techniques. The technology is based on the concept that it uses no soil and grows the root systems in the air.

License available for Potato and other Tuber crops.

The Aeroponics system is gaining maximum popularity as plants grow up to 45% faster than in traditional in-soil farming methods and plants yield cleaner, safer, tastier, and more aromatic produce.

Saveer R & D Unit developed an Aeroponics facility for the production of potato. This facility is unique of its kind in India. Such facility helps in the reduction of the cropping time of the Potato crop. At the same time production is increased by about 6 times. The main purpose of this facility is to produce quality virus free potato plants which in turn will boost the quality production of the potato in the state.

Benefits of Potato seed Production by Aeroponics:

The vertical Aeroponics growing system is a game changer for the farmers and the commercial plant growing industry. Air grown system benefits include:

  • 100% ensure of availability of seed
  • Save money and transportation
  • International mileage
  • Carbon food chain reduces food mileage
  • Greater yield, Superior taste & ease of harvest
  • Eco- friendly
  • Organic certification relatively easy
  • Aeroponics can significantly increase income or reduce the production¬†costs of quality potato seed to make it more accessible to growers

Special features of Aeroponics technology for potato seed production:

  • Aeroponics is a relatively new technique, especially for seed potato¬†production.
  • Potato seed production can be increased dramatically in the greenhouse.
  • Aeroponics production is particularly sensitive to climate.
  • Sequential harvests are needed.
  • The vegetative period of plants is increased in 1 to 2 months.
  • Minimized use of nutrients and water due to recycling capability.
  • Independence from local land and climate conditions when grown in the controlled environment of a greenhouse.
  • The initial investment can be recovered rapidly.
  • Aeroponics can significantly increase income or reduce the production costs of quality potato seed to make it more accessible to growers.

Saveer Biotech Limited established a State of the Art Aeroponics facility for the production of quality potato in PepsiCo. The company is the first company in India to develop the Aeroponics method on a commercial scale. Read More..

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