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Saveer Biotech Limited, founded by Dr. Sudan Netr Pal, is India's leading knowledge based  Science and Technology Company, manufacturing Hi-Tech Greenhouse, Phytotron Facilities, Plant  Growth Chambers, Plant Tissue Culture Labs for Research as well as  commercial purposes.  Innovation is our zeal we strive for.

We have our own in house R&D Unit constantly engaged in developing new technologies. Our R&D Unit is recognized by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

The Journey we started in 1993 with production of Photoperiodic cycle systems, Humidity and Temperature controllers has achieved many more milestones. Today Saveer is known  as a leading company not only manufacturing Hi -Tech Greenhouse houses but providing A-Z solutions, either its designing  or installation or successful commissioning of  Greenhouses or  the Key solutions. Horticulture CoE is another benchmark Saveer has achieved.

We take pride in the project we erected in  Antarctica  in 2001, the facility is running successfully till date amid strange challenging weathers of Antarctica.  It was our initial milestone and we  received the commendations from none other than MoD (Ministry of Defence) Govt of India.

Establishing  FATE and FACE facilities for climate change studies was  our another achievement. The facility provide a unique opportunity to examine the effects on plant growth at elevated CO2 and other environmental conditions without any direct discomposure of climate.

Nano Technology is yet our another endeavor.

Today we operate  from various locations in India   and  we have installed more than 8000 projects PAN India  and in other countries Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka,  Oman, Ethiopia, Seychelles. We are involved in various PPP projects as well. We welcome collaborations, B2B associations with National & International Research Institutes, Academic Universities and Commercial Establishments.

Our success has been characterized by an enduring set of corporate values based on innovation, strong leadership, integrity, social responsibility and above all sound servicing model. We are committed to follow the best international practices both in letter and spirit.

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